Catering to Your Tastes

Chestnut Hill Senior Living believes food is more than just sustenance. While it is critical to take in the proper vitamins and nutrients, having mouth-watering flavor and enough variety each day is just as important. We want you to be excited each time you get hungry. No one at Chestnut Hill should be saying “Well, I guess I’ll go eat,” we want everyone to be saying “Let’s hurry to the dining room!”

Opening daily at 7 AM, you are able to have a seat wherever you’d like and place your order with your server. Choose from an expansive menu of 50+ always-available options.

Featuring daily specials, breakfast all day, and a variety of sandwiches, salads, sides, entrees, and desserts, our menu is designed to meet your preferences every day of the year. Select a menu favorite like the Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger or design a meal to your taste. Everything is cooked fresh-to-order. Our executive chef and fully-staffed restaurant are here to serve you and your guests an exceptional experience every time you dine with us.

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Finding the balance.

We’ve found that most restaurants believe you have to sacrifice flavor in order to have proper nutrition, and vice versa. We know that is not the case, it just takes a little extra work to hit that particular target.

Fortunately, we’re marksmen.

Our menu features a wide variety of delicious selections that build a strong body and satisfy your cravings. Feel full, yet still excited for your next visit to our restaurant!

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Ring the dinner bell.

Our restaurant is open to any and all guests of residents. For a small fee, guests are welcome to enjoy great service and delicious food with you.

Additionally, if you have a large group coming to join you, our private dining room and catering services are available. We love hosting friends and family, so know that there’s always room at the table!

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Special Events

When it’s time to party!

We love to celebrate. We really do. If there’s an excuse to cook up a big meal and gather everyone to have a good time, you better believe that we are going to take it! We celebrate holidays, milestones, seasons changing…we even celebrate Fridays with delicious happy hours! Nothing brings people together like good food.

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