So Much Available at Your Leisure.

Many people who look into senior living think they are going to have to give up space and be cooped up in a small room with nothing to do.


When you move to Chestnut Hill, you not only have a comfortable, private apartment you can customize to your liking, but beyond your apartment door you have complete access to everything that Chestnut Hill has to offer on campus.

Join friends daily for three delicious meals in our restaurant, open all day from 7 AM to 7 PM, get an invigorating workout in our fitness center, read a good book in our library, take in a classic in our theater, or find something else exciting to do! And the best part? Our staff cleans and maintains everything so you don’t have to worry about it!

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Never go hungry

Chestnut Hill’s restaurant is open from 7 AM to 7 PM and its expansive menu is available during the duration. Want a juicy burger for breakfast? Scrambled eggs for dinner? No problem. Our culinary team strives to make each meal more memorable than the last.

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Private Dining

A more intimate dining experience

Are you interested in having a group of friends or family for a celebration?

Our private dining room and catering services means you can bring everyone together without any of the distractions of a restaurant. You plan it, we’ll cook, serve, and clean!

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Fitness Center

A Gym with you in mind

Physical fitness is a vitally important part of regaining independence and maintaining health. We installed senior-friendly exercise equipment. We also offer fitness class and one-on-one work if you prefer guidance or working out with others!

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Page-turners and thought-provokers

Nothing stimulates your mind quite like a good book. The smell of the paper and the soothing sound of the pages flipping carry a comfort like few things do. Whether an exciting thriller, a historical retelling, or an epic fantasy, our library will always have something to keep you engaged.

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Ooo, I love that movie!

Whether a new blockbuster or a classic, we’re always rushing to dim the lights! Join us for a movie night or pop in your own for a screening of a favorite!

We also use the theater for viewing parties and sporting events!

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