Please, Allow Us.

Your life has been full of responsibilities. Chores, maintenance, cleaning, taking care of others, the list seemed to go on and on. Well, we say it’s time to spend your days doing all the things you want to do and forget about the things you don’t. Bid farewell to the burdens of home ownership. Housekeeping? We’re on it. Maintenance? Got it covered. Dinner? Oven’s pre-heated, burners are on, what can we make for you?

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No need to swing the hammer anymore.

If you see something that’s not working properly or is in need of attention, just let our maintenance team get it back in shape in no time!

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Keep it clean, keep it happy.

There’s something about having a tidy and clean home that makes us feel in control. It’s easier to focus and enjoy life. Our regular housekeeping allows residents to relax and feel organized.

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Beauty Salon

Treat yourself how you deserve to be treated.

All too often we forego the things that make us feel special. Sometimes, nothing is more important than pampering yourself! Get a trim, try a new nail color, feel refreshed and like a new person!

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Let us feel the heat and just enjoy the flavor.

No more toiling away in the kitchen! Worry not about overflowing pots, singed fingertips, or even going to the grocery store! Our robust dining program means you’ll never go hungry and will always have a delicious meal to look forward to any time of day!

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No need to hail a cab, let us get the keys.

For those who don’t have a car or simply don’t feel like driving, Chestnut Hill provides scheduled transportation to appointments, errands, and events! All it takes is a simple phone call to the front desk to set up your ride and we will get you where you need to go!

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Optional Services

There’s more? Oh, there’s more.

Turndown service, meal delivery, catering, pet care, and more! If there’s a service that you were looking for and don’t see listed, there’s a good chance we offer it for a small fee. Get in touch with one of our coordinators for a full list of optional services.