Maintaining or regaining your independence.

You’ve come to a crossroads. It’s getting a little harder to perform the day-to-day functions that once came so easily. Or worse, there’s been a crisis and you now can’t do what you once did. It’s hard to admit and face these truths, but you’re not alone. Many have come to Chestnut Hill who were in a very similar situation as you.

And it was the best decision they ever made.

The talented, dedicated staff at Chestnut Hill are here to provide you the support you need to get back to the lifestyle you love. Our care plans are tailor-made to help you reach your health and wellness goals. No matter what level of care, we are here to help and restore your independence and zest for life!

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At Chestnut Hill, we understand that each person follows their own path to regaining independence. Care plans are developed between with the resident, Director of Wellness, and family in order to formulate a comprehensive and unique blueprint for each resident.

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From fitness to dining to social engagement, we are focused on the physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of residents. We believe if any one of these are ignored, then you are not receiving the care you deserve.

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It’s easy to become isolated and lonely when you are not as physically capable as you once were. If you’re feeling disconnected and cut off from friends and community, Assisted Living can provide the opportunity to re-engage with the things you love and rediscover the life you’ve been missing. Live closer to friends and get the support you need to become active and engaged again.

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There is a reason dining is at the core of Chestnut Hill’s services. If there is mental and physical deterioration, it is only exacerbated by poor diet and malnutrition. Not only that, but having an easy way to gather for meals allows for socialization and a feeling of connection. We provide an all-day restaurant where proper nutrition is balanced with delicious flavor in an environment of inclusiveness and joy.

Next Level

We believe that you deserve the best in life and to provide anything less means we aren’t doing our job. We’re here to support you in any way that we can, so that’s what we’re going to do. There are still a few things that are only available at a hospital or nursing home – such as 24-hour IVs or stage-4 wound care – but our holistic approach and surprisingly extensive list of services means Chestnut Hill can be a home for life.

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Life isn’t just making it from day to day and going through the motions. That’s existing, not living. It’s certainly not thriving. We want you to be as healthy and independent as possible, and that means setting goals, working towards those goals, and ultimately achieving those goals! Our team of care partners, nurses, therapists, and more are ready to get you where you want to be!

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Your apartment is private. We only enter when we have permission. Whatever care you need is provided discreetly and with respect and dignity. Just because you need help doesn’t mean you need help publicly.

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